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Mayo Makes Everything Better



Summer was awesome.

Time at home meant lots of friends, family, and fun. I love everyone at home and will miss them, but it’s time to get back to work.

And so begins another year in China. Could have gone smoother so far – I missed my flight (cha-ching!), checked one bag too many (cha-ching!), and was delayed for three and a half hours on an already long re-booked flight. But, that’s life. It’s only money and a few hours of time. A wise friend helped me put it in perspective: family and friends are healthy and safe and I’m in Beijing without serious problems. Life is good!

Missing my flight and re-booking for today (yesterday? What day is it?? Jetlag!) was almost worth it just to watch the Chinese fella next to me eat a packet of Hellmann’s mayo. Straight. Not on the sandwich. Just mayo from the packet straight into his gullet. (I did eventually point out how to use it, don’t worry.)

And after getting in and settling in for a couple hours, I rewarded myself for a job rather-poorly done: Gongbaojiding and beer. Life is good!

And life is truly good in HIM! Every other problem and joy pales in comparison. I can’t wait to continue sharing Him here in China!

Stay tuned 🙂




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