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Life in Beijing. Life to Beijing.

Brother Abroad


Tonight we said goodbye.

Or really, so long.  Till next time.  Take care. God bless.

The Chinese says it really well: 再见 (zai jian).  Literally, again meet.  And meet again we will.

Nathan is my brother.  He is Sam’s brother.  He is a brother to all our friends at men’s group, and to so many of us in Beijing.  HE brought Nathan into our lives and we will be always thankful for the friendship that began and that we continue to enjoy even though distance now separates us.

Nathan, have fun this year.  Enjoy your adventure abroad.  Go with courage and with peace.  Remember who you are, and remember who goes with you!  Always.

We will meet again.  He’s promised us!  No matter how many goodbyes, till-next-times, and again-meets in between, someday we’ll all be back together in the eternal “welcome home.”

I for one can’t wait.



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