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Doctor’s Orders

I was sick recently. The first time with the flu in China, and the first time with severe stomach problems – which is a surprise, given the variety of spicy and oily food I’ve eaten here. To my relief, it only lasted about 24 hours.

A friend’s third and fourth grade Chinese kids were sincerely concerned for me and prescribed some excellent home remedies. Here are some of my favorite, in their unaltered English-as-a-second-language glory:

What would you tell Mr. Ben to do, to help him get healthy?

Mer. Ben can eat medicine. And he can go see the docter. And most inportently, we can pray for him, and let he be happy. Say more I love you, you are my best frend! – Helena
So sweet, Helena!

I would tell Mr. Ben to gat healthy Because he is cick. I would tell her to go to haospto. I would tell her to Ate cick’s. I would tell her to were mor jack. I would tell her to rast. – Samuel
Thank you Samuel. Sometimes the best medicine is a kick in the pants.

Trent warm water. Sleep more and nap more. Eat metsen that help you. Eat well food too. And Pray, Pray is the best thint. – Kylie
I will pray for some yummy metsen!

I would tell: “Mr. Ben, you should really need to practice your jingales! Or: Mr. Ben, eat some food.” Or I’ll gave him a cup of tea. – Joy
Jingles, food, and tea – the trifecta of flu-busters.

To paly computer game. Because that can make he faget he is sick. But he not sleep Because that make he more sick. Because his head is hart. – Bill
I agree Bill, sleep is for the weak!

First I would say “Uncle Ben I think you have to drink some medisen!” Second I will get him some medisen. Third I will pray for Uncle Ben. Forth I will let Uncle Ben sleep. Last I will go home. – Tiana
A very well thought out process for helping (Uncle?) Ben feel better.

What sick? Get more close. drink more water. eat more food. drink more veggie. – Emma
What sick? Stop complaining. Eat, drink, and get back to work. More tough love from a 9 year-old.

And perhaps my favorite….

EAT ICECREAM! Eat many many icecream. I like icecream very much. It was very good. I think so! – Apple
Now this is what I call medicine!


One comment on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. katie
    November 11, 2014

    This is awesome!!

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