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Sidewalk Sentences

Came across this fellow today.  His self-expression is rather unique – this the first time I’ve seen writing on the sidewalk itself.  My ability to speak Chinese is basic at best … Continue reading

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Coffee Culture

I may have found my new favorite coffee shop in Beijing.  The rustic yet refined atmosphere – from decorative lights to the bookshelf-lined walls – makes me feel smarter than … Continue reading

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Doctor’s Orders

I was sick recently. The first time with the flu in China, and the first time with severe stomach problems – which is a surprise, given the variety of spicy … Continue reading

November 9, 2014 · 1 Comment

Chinese Challenges

When you live in a foreign country, the language barrier can be just that – a barrier.  Often the simple things in life become much more complicated and involve a … Continue reading

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Brother Abroad

Tonight we said goodbye. Or really, so long.  Till next time.  Take care. God bless. The Chinese says it really well: 再见 (zai jian).  Literally, again meet.  And meet again … Continue reading

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Mayo Makes Everything Better

  Summer was awesome. Time at home meant lots of friends, family, and fun. I love everyone at home and will miss them, but it’s time to get back to … Continue reading

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Ok, so the quotes below aren’t nearly so profound as the above.  But really – if you cared about profound, would you be reading this right now? Enjoy some random … Continue reading

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