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Top 10

I got lost in life and haven’t posted for a while.  Let’s summarize the last couple months with a Beijing top 10: 10) Long day, cold beer. Except no beer. … Continue reading

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Waste Time with YouTube

I’ve added a few videos to my newly-created YouTube channel.  I don’t expect these to go viral, but enjoy some sights and sounds from around Beijing! I’ll add new videos … Continue reading

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Look Back, Faith Forward

Back in Beijing.  Back to life with 20-some million foreign friends.  Back to clear days, smog days, and in-between days, and the anticipation of spring around the corner. The last … Continue reading

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Snow? Fog? Na, Smog!

Down the road, a few days ago. No that’s not snow (VERY dry here). Not fog either. Don’t leave home without your 3M face mask.

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Every. Stain. Removed.

Sprinkled.  Washed.  Clean.  New.  Life! My good friend Nathan was washed tonight.  How amazing!  HE poured out His love, cleaned Nathan from every stain, and gave him new life.  Wow!! … Continue reading

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I want to know …

“I want to know more” (insert our best Friend’s name that starts with J). What a new friend said at study this past week.  This is why I came to … Continue reading

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I’m glad my bathroom doesn’t look like this….

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